Factory Audit

Factory audit is necessary for assessment of supplier before giving them bulk orders. Auditor check factory’s system, capacity, workplace environment, legal documents to ensure they meet your requirement as buyer. Once the audit is conducted you can always compare one of the best supplier whose overall score is the best. It is always recommended to get supplier audit done at regular intervals as their system and capabilities change from time to time. We perform audit for Hardlines as well as Softline products through various international agencies.

We also give training and provide consultancy for following types of audit

Factory Capacity audits (FCA)

In this audit it is verified whether the factory can manufacture your product within specified time limits

Factory Quality audits (FQA)

In this audit is checked whether the supplier has an effective quality management system in place like ISO9001, SMETA standards etc.

Security/C-TPAT audits

This audit assures whether factory has necessary compliance with U.S Customs and Border Protection’s C-TPAT program.

Social compliance audits

This is to verify working conditions and ensure no human rights violations occur based on WRAP, SA8000, BSCI standard.

Environmental audits

To verify whether the factory complies with environmental standards and requirements. (Based on ISO14001, GRS standards etc & other local standards of respective country.

Why an audit is necessary?

Since an importer is located thousands of miles away from the factory, it is very much essential that they are dealing with the right factory/supplier to get the quality products that meet all the specifications, importing country legal standards & there should be no complaints / returns from the actual user. Please feel free to contact us for sample audit reports.