Product Inspection

We offer following types of Inspections

Pre-Shipment inspection (PSI)

At the final stage of shipment with minimum 80% of goods in packed condition

During production inspection (DUPRO / INLINE)

In during production 20% – 50% of goods are required to be in packed condition

Initial production check (IPC)

This is done at the beginning of the production stage 5%-20% goods in production lines

Container Loading inspection (CLC)

The container loading supervision done in the factory & some time at the port.

Sample collection from factory / Ports

For Pharmaceutical & Food products samples are collected from factory and some time at the port and dispatched to client nominated laboratory with our seal.

Laboratory support

When it is required by our customer, we recommend accredited laboratory to get their testing done according to required standards. We assure that unless all the standards are met with lab reports shipments is kept on hold to avoid problems at destination country.

Quality Assurance (QA/QC )

Ensuring the quality of the products sourced by us &/or by our clients is a very important part of our responsibilities. We have adopted the universally acclaimed system of Quality Evaluation known as the AQL (Accepted Quality Level). Based on the principles of categorizing defects as Critical, Major & Minor and following the acceptability ratio of the same, this system enables our Quality Assurance Executives to decide if the merchandise passes the quality norms of the client. It also helps them identify and solve the inherent technical problems faced during production of various materials and thus to take precautions at early stage.

Moreover, based on the nature of the product, we ensure that they meet the technical standards for example on all textile articles, we follow the required norms of wash fastness, dry rub/crocking, light fastness, seam strength, moisture check, smell test etc…Likewise for Plastic, Houseware, Kitchenware, Paper, Ceramic products etc., we ensure that they pass the required test standards.

Our Actual Inspection Photos


It is always recommended to get the inspection done for the product before shipment to avoid complaints / return from actual user. Our charges are very nominal and please contact us for sample report/s.